About Us

PRO-MED Novoselec, Metal products and services, owned by Branimir Pleše, was founded on September 1st 1996. Its ID number in the crafts register is 90066006 , craft license number 01010300239. The firm is based in Novoselec, Moslavačka street 150, in Branimir Pleše's  family-owned workshop.

Registered as a business in the National  Classification of Activities, version 2007 (NKD 2007):

25.11 Manufacture of metal structures and parts
25.12 Manufacture of metal doors and windows

The business is privately owned by Branimir Pleše in its entirety (100% owner).

Considering that recently we have experienced an increase in business and employment, and have extended our services to include the design and installation of aluminium joinery, and the production and installation of aluminium house facades, we have invested into a production facility with a greater capacity. And so, in 2005 we moved our headquarters to a new address, Moslavačka 6 in Novoselec.
We have our own place of business, arranged in several separate production facilities, covering a total area of more than 1000m2. It is located in Novoselec, in the Municipality of Križ, along one of the main county roads, Zagreb-Kutina/ Sisak, and has a parking space for 10 vehicles. The Zagreb - Lipovac highway is two kilometres away.

The entire facility consists of:
- a stainless steel processing unit
- a steel processing unit
- an aluminium processing unit
- a CNC metal cutting and filtering unit
- 50m2 of office space
- business-retail space intended for renting

The business deals with the production and installation of metal structures , and the production of metal joinery, it also provides service and installation.

Since the day it was founded, PRO-MED's equipment and employees have been in charge of machine maintenance for the following factories:

Kutrilin TPV Zagreb,
Labud Ltd.,
Badel Ltd.,

with an average of 15 employees. This includes the maintenance of steel construction, stainless steel process equipment, piping and railing.

From 1999- 2003, we provided services at the Viktor Lenac repair shipyard  Ltd.  in Rijeka with an average of 20 employees who worked as independent certified welders and independent contractors on parts / sections of the ship (fitters and ship locksmiths on the following ships: Christina Onasis, Sea Cloud, Star Hardanger,Canmar Victory, Crowfoot, Oceanic Princess, Dok 11, Four Skies ... )

Since February 2010 in collaboration with CNC Tech our product range was expanded with CNC water, plasma and gas cutting machines. By the end of 2012 six CNC machines were produced and sold .

Continuing the family tradition of viticulture and wine making, and growing lavender leads to the registration of PG PRO-MED Novoselec in 2010.

Since 2012, we have participated in the European Union market for the production of parts for the airline industry. Every year, we realize the growth of production in this market and we currently have over 70% of business revenues in the demanding EU market.

Because of the more demanding production we invest in CNC machine tools for machining metal, and thus we expand our services. We have 4 CNC mills / lathes / machining centers from Mazak and Spinner, and we invest in employee education and training.