CNC water jet cutting

Cutting a wide range of different materials: wood, rubber, glass, marble, ceramic, granite, non-ferrous metals, steel, stainless steel, titanium.
Cold polished cut, no thermal deformation or additional processing.

- Various metals cut by a  water jet system using a 3800 bar pressure
- Cutting steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminium, marble, granite, ceramic, rubber, glass, wood, synthetic materials ...
Croatian product
- CNC control on PC using Windows operating system, fully integrated with CAD-CAM-CNC  production system
- all axis drives are driven by servomotors, both ends have an active drive portal  
- Prices are much lower compared to imported products

CNC plasma and gas cutting 

Cutting a wide range of different metals. Cutting thickness depends on the power of the plasma device.
Automatic tracking of  the surface of the material.

Cutting different types of steel of greater thickness.
Less bevel cut than with plasma cutting.
Cutting materials up to 100 mm thickness.